Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hidden Gems: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

*During the song ‘Out There’, Quasimodo looks down into the street and sees no less than three in-jokes within the same shot! This picture isn’t particularly clear but you should be able to see Pumbaa from The Lion King (1994) being carried by two men, Belle from Beauty & the Beast (1991) in the bottom right-hand corner and the Magic Carpet from Aladdin (1992) just above her.

*The unlucky old man bears a striking resemblance to Jafar when he dresses in disguise to deceive Aladdin.

*A Goofy holler is heard during the battle towards the end of the film.


  1. Wow - it's been years since I've watched this!
    It's not my favorite, but it's awesome.
    I really like these "hidden gems" - it makes me even more fond of Disney (and Pixar, when you do the easter egg posts :) ).
    Well, sorry, it was a really random comment, but please do continue doing these posts - I love them.

    - Sarah.

  2. Thanks very much. It's nice to see that someone actually looks at my blog. Makes it all worthwhile. :)