Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hidden Gems: Lilo and Stitch (2002)

*After the scene in which Lilo buys Stitch, they walk past a restaurant called Mulan Wok.

*Lilo has a Dumbo (1941) soft toy in her bedroom.

*She also has a picture of Mickey Mouse on her wall.

*Lilo’s sister Nani has a Mulan (1998) poster on her wall.

*During the ‘Suspicious Minds’ montage, a postcard with a picture of DisneyWorld can be spotted.

*When Stitch scares everyone from the beach, the last two people to run past Bubbles are caricatures of the film’s directors, Dean Deblois and Chris Sanders.

*A113 appears on two licence plates.
The first is the fire truck which goes to Lilo’s house.

*The second is the gasoline truck which Stitch stops during the finale.

*The icon which appears on Gantu’s screen is Spaceship Earth from Epcot at Walt Disney World. Although I hate to get into listing hidden Mickeys, there are two in this shot to the left and right of the centre screen.

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