Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hidden Gems: Finding Nemo (2003)

*The A113 code reappears on the scuba diver’s camera right before Nemo is taken.

*The photo beside the fish tank is a caricature of Pixar employee Ralph Eggleston receiving an Oscar.

*When Gill is describing the escape plan, a Pizza Planet truck can be seen whizzing across the road.

*'For the birds’ is written on the back of one of the boats in the harbour, named after the 2001 Pixar short of the same name.

*There is a certificate in the dentistry office given by the Pixar University School of Dentistry with the alien from Toy Story (1995) as the emblem.

*The ship at the bottom of the fish tank features a mermaid at the front. It’s the same mermaid from the Pixar short film, Knick Knack (1989).

*One of the boats in the harbour has the name ‘Jerome Ranft’ written on it. This is a reference to Pixar employee and voice of Jacques, Joe Ranft.

*See that mobile hanging from the ceiling? It’s the same one Sulley tries to flush down the toilet in Monsters, Inc. (2001).

*There is a photo of the newly constructed Pixar building on the dentist’s cupboard.

*There are numerous toys in the dentist’s waiting room, including: Buzz Lightyear and the plane from Toy Story, the Luxo ball and Boo’s teddybear from Monsters, Inc.

*There is a child in the dentist’s waiting room reading a comic about Mr. Incredible, star of The Incredibles (2004).

*The waiting room also features a book entitled “M is for Monster” in reference to Monsters, Inc.

*When the fish escape the tank at the end of the film, Luigi from Cars (2006) drives past.

*Mike from Monsters, Inc. swims by during the credits.

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