Sunday, 4 October 2009

Toy Story 3D (PG)

I shan’t be providing an in-depth review of Toy Story as anyone who has yet to see this film is clearly not worth knowing. Having watched this masterpiece numerous times, I still found myself grinning at how charming it all is so many years after its release. Viewing Toy Story on the big screen again is a magical experience that truly made me appreciate how lucky I was to have experienced such a cinematic achievement within my youth. Now in 2009, the added bonus of 3D technology retains all the warmth and humour but throws in an added extra something special.

For some the 3D may be disappointing if a tour de force of eye-popping visuals is expected, but in my honest opinion the use of such gimmicks should be employed sparingly. Having watched the fantastic Coraline (2009) also in 3D, I found myself occasionally being dragged out of the story whenever objects appeared to point from the screen directly at me. Toy Story on the other hand feels far more relaxed, using 3D not to show off but as a subtle technique to immerse the viewer into a classic story.

Quite simply, if you want to see a perfect film made even better, go see this now!


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